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Morphy Richards 75183 Electric Single Heated Underblanket with 4 Heat Levels.

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Morphy Richards 75183 Electric Single Heated Underblanket with 4 Heat Levels.


Designed to banish the chills during the winter the Morphy Richards 75183 single electric blanket will keep you nice and warm during the cold nights.

The underblanket featuring 4 heat levels and ultra-thin wires lies on top of the mattress and is held in place with tie tapes ensuring a firm fit.

As well as keeping you warm at night the heat given off from the electric blanket can help relieve stiff sore muscles and joint pains meaning you get a much better rest and feel invigorated when you wake. Single Heated Underblanket4 Heat LevelsSafeguard Protection £9.99 inc. VAT


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