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21st Century Renting

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360 Online Viewing

The Future Today?

In these sad unprecedented global times, the demand for online transactions and interactions has never been more demanding.

Of course, we knew this future was coming, however, we did not expect it to arrive so fast.

In line with just about everything else, more and more students are now turning to online virtual viewing tours to find and secure their accommodation.

This not only affords prospective tenant’s safety to view properties in greater detail and time but from any location through the world.

It also affords parents, guarantors and sponsors a greater opportunity of satisfaction in the assurance that their loved-one’s/children, have found a suitable place too.

Is this the end of physical viewing?

This does not mean that Physical Viewing is no longer required?

As a nation of habit, we do like to see before we buy.

It simply means that the need for physical viewings can be reduced it time, thus encouraging potential viewers a shorter time required to physically view.

When you consider that when booking a hotel or holiday ….



We simply view and book online without generally visiting or physically inspecting first.

One wonders why the rental market has been left so far behind.

One could argue that Students being in that city provide an opportunity to simply pop around to take a look, which can still simply be achieved.

However mindful of where we are today and that total number of international students in the UK is currently/approximately 485,645.00, Manchester Student Accommodation has been embracing the obvious need for providing better online viewing platforms with physical viewing and online booking services by providing a better-detailed porthole for all student needs.

Encouraging Landlords to advertise Directly for FREE.

The Future.


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