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Asda is accused of selling baby food six weeks out of date at a store in Manchester

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Asda is accused of selling baby food six weeks out of date at a store in Manchester

Manchester mum Akouvi Soukou was about to feed the HiPP fruit and vegetable purée to her five month old son when her husband noticed the date


Asda has been accused of selling baby food six weeks out of date.

Akouvi Soukou, 40, was about to feed her five-month-old son Enoch with HiPP fruit and vegetable purée on January 11 when she spotted the best-before date was November 30, 2013.

Her husband Mahi Zadi, 50, who bought the 100g sachet from their local Asda superstore in Hulme, Manchester, said: “Akouvi was shocked. I told her not to give it to Enoch as it could make him ill.”

Stock controller Mahi added: “A big store like Asda is supposed to know exactly when products expire, but I was told they had to manually check all the dates.

“It’s very dangerous. You could have serious cases where children eat out-of-date food and get sick.”

Dad-of-two Mahi, who said he wanted to highlight the case to other parents, was offered a gift voucher from Asda in compensation.

An Asda spokesman said: “We take any complaint about baby products extra seriously. Unfortunately on this occasion it seems we didn’t meet our own high standards and have moved quickly to investigate this.”


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