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Bits n Bobs

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Bits n Bobs

Throughout the twenty five years Bits N Bobs have been established, we have been dealing with retailers big and small across the U.K.

We specialize in supplying small and large business’s with convenience products carrying an unbeatable range of impulse and distress purchase items.

All our items are pre priced, pre packed, bar-coded and guaranteed, When purchasing our products, we will make regular visits to ensure your shelves are always fully stocked to ensure that you obtain maximum sales whilst maximising profit.

How it Works


Don’t spend your time running around looking for odd bits and bobs, let Bits n Bobs come to you!

Our Customers

In all cases we will provide you with your own personal Account Manager, who can advise and guide you through your Bits n Bobs purchases.

To discuss stocking Bits”n”Bobs in your shop please call our sales team on 0161 839 5050.

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