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Classical Uproar – Featuring Alison Limerick

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‘A unique evening of classical & house music’ 

Wow, it was great and what a gathering

 The venue was awesome

1863-67: West Gorton, Greater Manchester – Franciscan Friary (OFM Recollects):
attached to the church of St Francis, Gorton. The first wing opened 4 Oct 1863, the library being used as a temporary church (as at Kilburn); the second, W. wing, 1864, when the Community moved in and the final wing, 1867. The W. facade was demolished in the 1970s, and the friary vacated in 1989; only the E. and S. wings remain, and are currently being restored for secular community social use.

In 1997, Gorton Monastery was placed on the World Monuments Fund Watch List of 100 Most Endangered Sites in the World alongside Pompeii, the Taj Mahal and the Valley of the Kings.The church and associated friary buildings underwent a £6 million restoration programme supported by funds from the Heritage Lottery Fund, English Heritageand European Regional Development Fund. The project was completed in June 2007 when the restored buildings opened as a venue for conferences, business meetings and community events. The building is also used for a range of concerts.

I felt the need to tell you this, because the venue was in such a great building to host a very impressive, unforgettable and intimate evening of dance music anthems reinterpreted in classical style featuring a 25 piece orchestra led by BBC Philharmonic Orchestra conductor, Simon Robertshaw ‘Classical Uproar’ also showcasing Special Live guests including the iconic Alison Limerick (‘Where Love Lives’), the hugely talented Luke Neptune and upcoming Bekka from Nighgeist.

For about a decade, I have been obsessed with early house music, I’ve danced to nearly every major house tune over the years, always squealing with delight each time my favourite house tune is played. Reason being, House is the rhythm that my heart beats – I’ve always hopped that one day it will all come back, well it did, ‘Classical Uproar’.

At Manchester Monastery

Featuring Alison Limerick singing ‘Where Love Lives’


Alison T. Limerick (born 1959 in Stepney, London, England) is a British singer who scored success in the 1990s with the huge club anthem “Where Love Lives”, which was her solo-debut and a #3 hit on the U.S. Hot Dance Club Play in 1991. She continues to record and sing live, for PAs and with her own band. She can be heard singing soul and jazz, in various venues across Europe, and found being the Dance Diva in house music venues around the world performing her all-time classic like “Where Love Lives’ coupled with a excellent 25 piece orchestra it was electrifying the crowd roared with delight

25-piece orchestra led by Simon Robertshaw (BBC Philharmonic Orchestra)

We were also presented with 3 somewhat different, but equally good vocalist, which sang over the classics and the crowd loved them, they were all alive, they woke up the dead, Manchester!, well Gorton was alive again.

‘Classical Uproar’ promised to be an infectious, and boy it was, they even brought on Mark XTC doing his bit with the 25 piece orchestra, it was so different, that I would say it was amazing, there were other Dj such as Aficionado, but they all did their bit, splendidly.

Suddi Raval, a founder member of 90’s dance act Together co-wrote and began in the music industry over 25 years ago with the record Hardcore Uproar which was an anthem at the Hacienda before later charting in the UK’s top 20. He has gone on to score dozens of video game soundtracks from Spider-Man to Star Wars.By day, he is still working in the video game industry whilst performing live acid sets and releasing Acid House singles by night.His latest remix for Big Unit is available on iTunes now.
‘And well done’, I say to him, ‘and when is the next one’
Since the announcement of  Classical Uproar’ Manchester’s iconic Hacienda club has given their blessing to the event and with all the elements now in place, it was a unique opportunity to experience the dance music and classical crossover phenomenon in a setting unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.
‘Classical Uproar’ – an event that truly captures the essence of why we go to Live performances…
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