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Cures Prostate & Prevents Stomach and Colon Cancer

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Poha Berry (Golden Berry): This small fruit is a real treasure: it cures Prostate and prevents Stomach and Colon CANCER

The plant and its fruit are most commonly known as Cape gooseberry (South Africa, UK, Australia, New Zealand), or Physalis

Origin: The cape gooseberry is native to Brazil but long ago became naturalized in the highlands of Peru and Chile and became identified with the region. It was being grown in England in 1774 and was cultivated by early settlers at the Cape of Good Hope before 1807. Soon after introduction to the Cape the plant was carried to Australia where it quickly spread into the wild. Seeds were taken to Hawaii before 1825 and the plant is naturalized on all the islands at medium and somewhat higher altitudes. Only in fairly recent times has the fruit received any attention in the continental U.S.

Strengthens bones: The golden berry has a good proportion of pectin, which helps in calcium as well as phosphorous absorption thus good for making the bones stronger. It is also used in treating of rheumatism and dermatitis. Boost immunity: The fruit contains vitamin C and fulfils the 18% of daily requirements.30 Jan 2015


Few clinical studies have linked cape gooseberry with cancer treatments. Some compounds in this herb have shown anti-hepatoma properties against liver cancer.

Some other studies suggest that the herb is beneficial for treating lung cancer. In folk medicine also, cape gooseberry is prescribed for treating cancer and leukemia. – See more at:

Skin & Bone Health

In South Africa, cape goosberry leaf juice is applied topically to treat skin inflammation. The herb is used in poultices for solving skin issues. Cape gooseberry is also used to improve bone health due to its calcium absorption properties. It is also associated with the treatment of rheumatism and dermatitis.

Cholesterol,Diabetes & Hypertension

It is believed that Cape Gooseberry can regulate and to some extent treat the three most unpopular health conditions in humans – high cholesterol,diabetes & hypertension. In a study published in the Journal of Food and Biochemistry, the cholesterol lowering effects of cape gooseberry is discussed. Some in-vitro studies have also shown that high levels of potassium in the herb can control BP levels.

– See more at:


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