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The Girl who can Dawn Zee

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The Girl who can Dawn Zee

Dawn Zee is a singer songwriter whose professional career started at the 18. Her debut started by singing local reggae band called Sword of Jah Mouth. She then went on to work as lead vocalist with Dawn Zebby and the Reflections ( Sonia and Sharon Blake). Jersey St (Neil Reid and Matt Steele), Sugar Minott, Victor Haynes, and New Order.

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Good Man- Written by Dawn Zee. Vocals by Dawn Zee. Produced and Engineered by Paul Lush A.K.A. Nucleous Rootz. Composer; Junior Delgardo.

Unconditional- Written by Dawn Zee. Vocals by Dawn Zee and Carly Dan A.K.A. D Seven Drumz. Produced and Engineered by Leslie Coleman. Composed by The Stone Roots Band.

The Nicest – Written by Dawn Zee and Ossie Gad. Vocals by Dawn Zee, Sonia Blake and Sharon Blake. Produced by Eartman and Dawn Zee. Engineered by Eartman. Composed by Dawn Zee.

This E.P. is just a taste of her debut solo album which arrive in the late summer. Enjoy. One Love.x

”As well the singers as the players on instruments shall be there: all my springs are in thee.”
Psalm 87. Vs 7.
Let me know how you get on. Blessed Love.



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