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Electric Scooters YES or NO?

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Hundreds hurt in England’s electric scooter roll-out.

The electric scooter law LOOPHOLE you need to know


ITV’s Consumer Editor Chris Choi

The controversial roll-out of e-scooters on England’s roads has brought hundreds of injuries and more than 1,000 complaints, according to new figures from local councils. The scale of problems with rental electric scooters is revealed in an edition of ITV’s Tonight programme, ‘E-scooters: Britain’s New Road Rage?’, broadcast on Thursday. The investigation, which has evidence of dangerous driving, anti-social behaviour and drunk riding, includes calls for urgent regulation of the vehicles. Put simply, we’ve got to make our minds up about electric scooters.

The argument is raging, with some believing they are a public asset – others that they are a public danger.

Meanwhile, thousands of e-scooters are already on our roads, many of them illegally.

Opinions are becoming sharply divided, yet the official verdict from government has been delayed until next year.

The new information and data we have assembled should help focus this crucial debate.
Government-backed trials of rental e-scooters are now operating in more than 50 towns and cities, but Freedom of Information findings for the Tonight programme highlight more than 210 injuries and 1,100 complaints.


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