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Homeless People in Chicago

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Candice Payne Got 30 Hotel Rooms for Homeless People in Chicago During Severe Cold Snap

A Chicago woman’s act of kindness helped homeless people stay warm during this week’s dangerous polar vortex. Candice Payne impulsively charged 20 hotel rooms on her credit card before it snowballed into a lifesaving effort by a group of strangers,

Payne booked the hotel rooms after realizing how life-threatening the sub-zero temperatures would be for the Chicagoans without homes. She posted about it on social media and soon the donations and offers to help bring food came flooding in.

“Maybe they didn’t know how to or where to start to help, so I’m glad that I was able to be that vehicle,”

This is 34 year old Candice Payne. She is not a celebrity, She is not rich, but she is exactly the king of person that should be in the news,

In Chicago (where temperatures were colder than Antarctica). Mis. Payne decided to use her own credit card to rent 30 hotel room to shelter local homeless people from the freezing cold.

Upon hearing of her good deed, others pitched in to help, and she was able to secure 72 rooms for five nights, providing refuge for 122 people.

In a world of bad news daily, sometimes it’s easy to forget that there is still SO much good out there today, let’s she this…..


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