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GadgetsWant to see MiP in action? Check us out at the Gadget Show Live @ The NEC Birmingham, 9th – 13th April.

Meet MiP a gesture controlled robot with personality from Wowwee. This marvel of modern technology can balance, drive and dance on two wheels, either automatically or under your control. MiP is packed full of sensors and a swoosh of your hand can instruct him to move forwards or back. Switch to a different mode and play follow my leader as he chases after you around the room! If you’re worn out with all the hand signals and robot chases, simply switch him to auto and he will happily go and roam about the place on his own, skilfully avoiding obstacles as he goes. MiPs immersive personality changes depending on how you interact with him, treat him nicely and you’ll have a well behaved robot, treat him badly and you’ll have one angry little chap


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