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‘Will call you when I land,’ newly-wed Indian texted husband before crash

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On Sunday, after taking off from Addis Ababa, a Nairobi-bound Ethiopian Airlines plane crashed. The accident claimed the lives of 149 passengers on board and 8 crew members. Foreign Minister…
Shikha Garg (Photo: Facebook)

AN INDIAN newly-wed who died in the Nairobi-bound Ethiopian Airlines plane crash had texted her husband she would call him on landing, local Indian media reported Tuesday (12).

Shikha Garg, who was travelling to attend the annual assembly of the UN Environment Programme, had got married less than three months ago to Soumya Bhattacharya after dating for three years.

Bhattacharya was also supposed to fly with her to Nairobi but a last-minute change in plans meant he stayed back in New Delhi, the mass-circulation Times of India reported.

“I have boarded the flight and will call you once I land,” Garg texted.

But before the husband could type a reply, his phone buzzed and a caller informed him about the plane crash..

Bhattacharya had also bought a flight ticket for Nairobi but cancelled it because of an urgent meeting.

The couple, who lived in New Delhi, had instead planned a vacation after Garg’s return from Nairobi.

On Monday (11) Indian foreign minister Sushma Swaraj said she was unable to get in touch with Garg’s family and appealed for help on Twitter.

“I have boarded the flight and will call you once I land,” Shikha had texted.

Later she said she had managed to speak to Garg’s bereaved family members as well as those of other three Indians who died in the crash.

Garg was a consultant with the Indian environment ministry and had taken part in the negotiations leading to the 2015 Paris climate accord.

The Nairobi-bound Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed just minutes after an early-morning takeoff Sunday (10) from Addis Ababa.

ఈమె సంబంధీకుల ఆచూకీ ఎక్కడ ? సుష్మ ట్వీట్స్
1 day ago
ఇథియోపియా విమాన ప్రమాదంలో మృతి చెందిన నలుగురు భారతీయుల్లో ఒకరైన శిఖా గార్గ్ వివరాలు తెలపాలని కోరుతూ విదేశాంగ మంత్రి సుష్మా స్వరాజ్ ఆమె కుటుంబ సభ్యులనుద్దేశించి ట్వీట్లు చేశారు. ఐక్య రాజ్యసమితిలో కేంద్ర పర్యావరణ మంత్రిత్వ శాఖ వ్యవహారాలను చూస్తున్న…

People holding passports from 35 countries were on board including some two dozen UN staff.

The aircraft was the same type as the Indonesian Lion Air plane that crashed in October, killing 189 passengers and crew.

The latest crash has prompted airlines across the world to begin withdrawing the model from schedules.

Indian regulators Monday (11) ordered additional maintenance checks on Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes but ruled out any immediate grounding of the fleet.

India’s Spicejet and Jet Airways together operate 17 of the planes.

Jet, which has had to ground parts of its fleet in recent weeks due to its financial woes, said none of its Boeing 737 MAX aircraft was operational at present.

Dr. Shikha Garg, Optometrist


Dr. Garg attended the University of Calgary for three years, where she worked in health sciences and conducted research on myopia (near-sightedness). In 2002, she had the opportunity to present her research at the ARVO conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. This experience perked her interest in visual science and, following her desire to become involved in health care, Dr. Garg pursued a degree in Optometry.

She attended the University of Waterloo and graduated in 2007 with honours. During her training, she completed a four month pathology and therapeutic internship at a veterans hospital in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She also participated in an eye care mission, teaming with other doctors to provide eye care and glasses to the less fortunate in Chile and Peru.

After graduating, Dr. Garg decided to return to her hometown of Calgary and join practice with Dr. David Blaine. She enjoys the challenges of private practice and expanding her patient base in this growing community. In her spare time, she likes to play basketball and volleyball, go hiking in the mountains, and travel world-wide.

Plane Crash से पहले Shikha Garg ने पति को किया था SMS, अधूरा रह गया वादा…| Dilli Tak

“Gone from our sight, but never from our hearts.”


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