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Should United Go for Ole?

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Who says history does not repeat itself….

In 1969 the great Sir Matt Busby resigned as manager of Manchester United having won the European Cup one year earlier. Sir Matt had built United from a post war homeless team who could not even play their games at a badly bombed Old Trafford to the best side in Europe. His period of tenure including the tragic loss of 8 players in the Munich Air Crash in 1958 who were following the dream of becoming champions of Europe.

Following the great Busby stepping down in 1969 it took United another 26 years to win the English League Title. Five managers tried and failed in a period that included relegation to the 2nd tier of English football just 6 years after being crowned as Europe’s best!!

Then along came Alex Ferguson and the rest is history. 13 Premier League titles, five FA Cups, one European Cup Winners Cup and two UEFA Champions League titles later, Alex or Sir Alex by then retired in 2013.

Since Sir Alex stepped down, in less patient times United have been through three managers already without winning a title before bringing in as an interim manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer a previous super sub striker with the reds whose managerial career had only taken him as far as the part time Norwegian club Molde and a short period at Cardiff City in the English Premiership who were relegated in his time there.

Cometh the Time Cometh the Man!!! To say Ole’s impact has been dramatic could be classed as an understatement. Since taking over from the snarling, defensive but historically successful José Mourinho on 19 December 2018 Solskjaer immediately established a new club management record by winning his first six games in charge. Even Sir Matt and Sir Alex did not manage that.

Manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Still as at the end of February 2019 United are unbeaten domestically.

Ole has immediately re-established the culture of attacking football advocated passionately by both Busby and Ferguson. The United fans are enjoying life again.

However the big question is can this level of success be maintained…can this previous management lightweight sustain the momentum created long term and establish a new, great, Manchester United era! With every success the doubters are being vanquished….however…

United are not just a worldwide super culture, a religion amongst fans, some people’s reason for living….they are also a significant massive global business with reported revenues of £590 million per annum. Their American owners the Glazer brothers via their appointee as CEO Ed Woodward see the club as an investment. They are in it for the cash…not the glory. Are they willing to hand this multi million pound business into the hands of a managerial novice? They may prefer an experience pair of hands but this has been tried and failed with Van Gaal and Mourinho.

The fans would say a resounding “yes” to Ole and now chant the song to the tune of Waterfall, by the Stone Roses,

Solskjaer Interview vs Crystal Palace 2019

CLICK HERE https://youtu.be/WAXTBdt_q9w :Ole Gunnar Solskjaer: The First Interview | Manchester United

“Ole’s at the wheel,

“Tell me how does it feel,

“We’ve got Sánchez, Paul Pogba and Fred,

“Marcus Rashford, a Manc born and bred,

“Duh du, du du du du du

OK it might not be Shakespeare or Keats …….but it’s a worthy demonstration of the fans love for the man.

Fans v Finance, Passion v Pennies, Supporters v Sterling, Hearts v Heads……….who will be the winner?

Hopefully the beautiful game.

Up the reds!!!!!

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