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We endeavour to maintain the rich and welcoming ambience synonymous with Africa.

We are stylish and contemporary, yet with an atmospheric feel that transports you to the heart of Africa.

Our two location in Manchester & Liverpool are tastefully adorned with beautiful African artefacts and paintings.

Combine the mouth-watering aromas wafting your way with the heady beats of the African music in your ears, your dining experience will be truly special.


We bring a taste of Africa, using fresh ingredients, to create African dishes with a contemporary twist.
Our tasty starters such as Beef Suya and Chicken liver with whiskey, leaves you wanting more.

House Specials such as Grilled whole Croaker or Tilapia on a bed of Plantain is always very tempting.

Enjoy your meals with rich and refreshing drinks and cocktails from Africa or if you prefer, a selection of fine wines from across the continent.



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