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State Of Flow

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Being totally in the present moment is often termed as a state of flow. A big part of being in flow, yet often easier said than done, is allowing ourselves to go with what is. This is in a sense the essence of flow itself.

We are being where we are in each and every moment, flowing with what is, without doing so we are stuck behind or ahead of the moment and therefore never truly present, peaceful and happy because we are basing our happiness in the past or future where it cannot possibly exist.

So by simply accepting and being in the now, we are fully present and our natural joy and ability to be in flow comes to the fore. Some simple ways to allow for this to occur are by first of all ensuring the past is accepted and let go of and then by setting goals and not being attached to the outcome. This allows for flow because it gives a positive focus whilst being in the moment.

From this position you can then move forwards without being sticky or blocked in anyway, you simply flow with what is – driven towards your goal but not consumed by it for any reason.

Accepting ourselves is both one of the easiest  and hardest things to do, objectively it can appear very easy – all we need do is to let go of the attachment or resistance that that is not allowing us to accept and be present to all that we are and all that is, when in fact;

‘All that is , just is’

fully is the greatest and most beautiful truth and in a sense there is nothing to do… And so often we can get caught in a bind, where we are trying to get out of something but we cannot, all we can do is watch, observe and see and then somehow by itself things will dissapear and we do become present.

The one thing to realise is that we cannot really contol anything including our mind- we can only when we observe accept and let go and this happens naturally. Trying to control the mind or anything else just sends us in  loops, because all of it is a actually just a game, the only thing that is really real is the present moment, yet we have to put a stop to the circles our minds take us in to realise this.

There are many ways we can do this and the severity as to which we are stuck will affect which method we use. Any activity which brings you into the now is effective, and the more you do this, the more present you become overall, it will develop new habits of being present rather than the loop.

In these cases it takes therapy or an expert in this field of work to help them release it and find a new way and positive meaning in life and the good news is this is entirely possible and after experiencing being trapped in trauma the present moment is all the more beautiful for having been lost.

Having been through the experience of coming out the other side more than once I can testify to how difficult it is. The main reason I believe this to be is that when something is emotionally painful all we want to do is fix it and sometimes we just can’t, certainly not with the conscious mind and so this leaves us stuck in that loop. The same thing can happen with small problems in life just not at the same level of course.

If you feel you have experienced trauma of any kind that has left you in a stuck state where you can’t be present then firstly I would say to find an experienced coach or therapist who can help you. I do not believe this to be possible to do by yourself.

Once you have found the right person they can help you to bring up whatever it is you need to let go of the hurt or trauma and to transform it.

With more minor difficulties you can do this yourself, you just have to find your own way. It may be through music, poetry, or art, it is whatever works for you. Whatever you find will help you not only to overcome difficulties but to journey in life in the most beautiful way by being one with it and all its ups and downs.

Remember; Life is like a song, make it the song you want…


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