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Tax Saving Accountant For Small Businesses

You need an Accountant who takes time to understand your business needs.

You want to avoid late filing penalties therefore you need a proactive Accountant who will chase for information regularly.

You want to avoid HMRC tax investigation therefore you need excellent quality accounts and tax returns which are legal and tax compliant.

You and your business are unique therefore you need personalised services tailored for you.

You need support from your Accountant for business emergencies therefore your Accountant should have capacity, capability competency to handle your needs.

Your Accountant should be able to provide a wide range of other business support services.

You want your Accountant to deal with the Taxman so that you can focus on your business.

Your Accountant should be experienced in dealing with the changing needs of your business landscape.

Sterling Finance (UK) Limited are reliable, approachable Chartered certified accountants.

We are a trusted partner and advisor to Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies,

Professional Practitioners and Non-profit making entities such as Local Authorities, Charities and Social Clubs.

We promise our clients to build a mutually respected loyal relationship by providing smart, meaningful advice with prompt and proactive services.

We provide expert advice to import/export, e-commerce and software businesses as well as helping overseas investors to set up or invest in the UK to access the European Market.

We will uphold the highest level of honesty, integrity and respect.

Celebrate our wins and learn from experiences.

Share our ideas and knowledge to help each other and do not be afraid to ask for help

Be accountable for our actions, take responsibility and take pride in what we do.

We commit to update our skills and knowledge to continuously improve and add value.

Treat everyone with the same professionalism and highest ethical standards.

We will remain passionate about our vision, mission and values.



New Delhi

Westbourne House,                159 Oldham Road,
Ashton Under Lyne,
Lancashire, OL7 9AR
+44 161 638 9808
The Stanley Building,
7 Pancras Square,
London, N1C 4AG
+44 20 7096 7737
ABL Workspaces,
G-56, Green Park Main Market,
Delhi 110016, India
+91 981 126 1352
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