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Most Controversial Sports Moments

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Most Controversial Sports Moments

Mayweather vs Ortiz


After apologising for a cheap blow of his own, Victor Ortiz went to apologise to Floyd Mayweather mid-fight. The superstar then knocked Ortiz out in this moment and won the fight as a result. A cheap shot? Or is it protect yourself at all times? Interesting.

Chelsea vs Barcelona 2009


In a breathtaking game of soccer, Barcelona managed to secure a 1-0 victory in the last moments of the game. However, very dubious refereeing decisions lead many to believe the game was in-fact rigged! Something just wasn’t right…

Diego Maradona


The 1986 FIFA World Cup was host to one of the most controversial sporting topics in the history of the world. Maradona’s handball helped Argentina defeat a spirited England team in what was a shocking moment.


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