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The inside out nature of life – Nasir Brown

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I remember coming across this book online about maybe 3 years ago.

It was called Clarity, written by Jamie Smarte, now I don’t remember much of what the book said in detail however, I do remember it did talk about the principles behind Clarity. And this is what lead me to the beginning of my understanding of the inside out nature of life.

Hi my name is Nasir Brown and I’ve been studying the principles behind Clarity the inside out nature of life for about 2 years now.


It seems that we all struggle from the basis of 3 misunderstandings, a misunderstanding of where our feelings are coming from, a misunderstanding of who we are and a misunderstanding of what were up to in life.

I’m going to touch on the 1st misunderstanding, a misunderstanding of where our feelings are coming from.

Regardless of your current awareness or what you believe, there is only one way in which our experience of life works. And that’s inside out.

What does inside out mean?

What we experience and feel comes from inside us or more precisely our thinking in the moment. This is why we call it inside out.

The problem is that we innocently misunderstand how life works and believe that our experiences and feelings come from an external event outside of us. This is what we call the outside in misunderstanding.

and let me jump in and say one of the easiest ways to come to an understanding of this would be to say, you and I sitting in a room, now at this very moment were both experiencing two individual experiences which are different from each other, but were in the same room yet we both have two very different experiences.

So where do you think your experience is coming from?

The principle of thought being generated from moment to moment gives us our feelings, our experiences in that moment but it can absolutely seem like it is coming from or being caused by something or someone else other than thought in the moment.

And that is the struggle that you, them, me any and everyone around us come up against. So although it may seem like our feelings and experiences are being caused by something or  someone other than thought, it only works one way, inside out not outside in, our feelings are a direct indicator to letting us know what type of thoughts are going through our mind from moment to moment and its our job to just be aware of this.

Why is it necessary to be aware of this?

Here’s the thing, when we come up against an area in our life where we struggle, were actually living in what we call an unreality, Jamie Smarte calls this, having contaminated thoughts, and when we live in an unreality full of contaminated thoughts, toxic energy we tend to struggle, on the other hand when we live in reality we work fine, we do well, we have no worries and no stress because we are actually built for this reality.

So being aware of this can have a huge effect on how we choose to deal with situations, fear, anxiety and people. And of course many more challenges that we come up against on a day to day basis, what actually happens is our own self correcting system without effort on your behalf help ‘s you see through these moments of unreality bringing you back to reality giving you exactly what you need when you need it.

It’s very interesting to think that our thoughts have the capability to trick us into thinking that something else is happening other than what really is. Its amazing to think our thoughts are the reason why we fall in love and even though it utterly feels like its coming from your heart, your gut, it actually is coming from your thoughts in the moment.

However your not alone, we all struggle in different areas of our lives with this so lets have a talk and see how this understanding plays out in your life.










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