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The Rules of Engagement

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Gain the confidence to stand against satanic powers that hinder your life! Dr. Cindy Trimm’s revised compilation of her previous three books shows you how to “get in the devil’s face” and defeat his strategies. You’ll learn to recognize principalities, subordinate spirits that operate in the kingdom of darkness, engage the enemy armed with God’s power, and emerge victorious.

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Gain the knowledge and confidence you need to stand against the enemy of your soul!

The Rules of Engagement contains bold, in-your-face principles for strategic prayer and spiritual warfare and makes defeating the enemy’s strategies a possibility for everyone.

This compilation includes powerful declarations for engaging the forces of evil that plague our families, communities, and nations. Readers will be equipped to oppose the powers and principalities that operate in the kingdom of darkness.

Using the authority you have been given by God, you can enter the realm of prayer-power and shatter every enemy stronghold.


Early life

She was raised in poverty and abandoned by her father at the age of two, which left her mother to raise 7 children.[10]


She has a background in Government​, Education​, Psychology​, and Human development​, which help her to translate powerful spiritual truth into everyday language that empowers individuals to transform their lives and their communities. Her message brings fresh purpose, meaning, dignity, and hope to a global audience.



As a speaker seasoned with humor, compassion, revelatory insight, and personal candor, Dr. Trimm translates hard-hitting spiritual insights into everyday language that empowers individuals to activate purpose and maximize potential. She frequently appears on popular TV and radio programs, as well as keynotes on international platforms that touch millions with the Gospel​.


As an author, Dr. Trimm has repeatedly topped bestsellers lists with what have become renown classics, such as: Commanding Your Morning, The 40 Day Soul Fast, The Rules of Engagement for Overcoming Your Past, and Prevail: Discover Your Strength in Hard Places.[7]

Dr. Cindy Trimm is a Founder​ and CEO​ of Trimm International, an internationally acclaimed Life strategist​, Humanitarian​, and Bestselling​ Author​. A former senator of Bermuda​, she is a sought-after Speaker​ and Advisor​ to multinational corporations and governments across the globe.

EBONY POWER 100 listed Dr. Cindy Trimm in the same elite group as Barack Obama​, Michelle Obama​, Tyler Perry​, Sean Combs​, Tom Joyner​, Bishop T.D. Jakes​, Michael Jordan​, Will Smith​, Malcolm Gladwell​ and Alicia Keys​.


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